You have now arrived at the little church of the Alpini, built by the Ranzanico group in the place where there was once a holy chapel dedicated to Saint Anne. It was completed on 5 May, 1985, to commemorate and honour all the Italian alpine troops everywhere who fell defending their homeland, with particular reference to the dead and missing of the Russian campaign in the Second World War. In fact, the central image on the rear wall depicts the Madonna of the Don by Gino Sertori di Casazza. Other side paintings show a number of scenes of alpine soldiers in times of war and peace.

Now you could go back to the town square and stop at the panel of area nature paths and trails, to be enjoyed on some later occasion during a next visit to Ranzanico. The tourist map showing the trails of the Valle Cavallina is available from the information point. Also available at the Info Point is the publication printed by the Town Council which describes the trails and paths designed for ramblers and to enable people to admire the beautiful natural surroundings and better appreciate the Upper Cavallina Valley area in all seasons of the year.

The various trails, all of which are adequately signposted, are perfect for trekkers and bikers. They crisscross ancient roads and lead up to the mountain pastures of Forcella di Ranzanico and to the top of the Pler and Sparavera mountain passes. By continuing along the ridge, you come to the Malga Lunga mountain hut where you can visit the Partisan Museum and refresh yourself at the facility managed by the Italian National Partisan Association, amid the various valleys and mountain pastures whose history intersects in this highly appealing place, much appreciated by international bikers. On your return, in the old-town centre, you can dedicate time to discovering and tasting local products in the various food outlets and restaurants along the tourist routes. Set the audio guide in pause mode.


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