Welcome back to the old town! In the food outlets and restaurants of Ranzanico and Bianzano you can find and taste a whole selection of local products, or else you can visit the nearby farms and buy the products directly and see and discover for yourselves how the various local food and wine chains operate and witness just how much effort goes into tending the countryside and the environment. There are also numerous annual festivals such as those dedicated to chestnuts, truffles and other typical products of Valle Cavallina, all of which are indicated in the brochure available from the info point. Take note of the dates so as not to miss out, especially if you are a gourmand.

In Ranzanico you can buy the well-known mutton cold cuts directly from the farms, together with a wide range of processed products such as meat sauces, preserves, jams made from the products of the garden and orchard, produced and processed directly on the farms themselves. One family business operating in the beekeeping sector offers a broad range of honeys, both from local blooms and from other Italian regions, along with an assortment of products related to the world of bees and personal well-being.

It is also possible to buy or taste the various products that make up the basket of Valle Cavallina Flavours, the upshot of the encounter of local restaurateurs, producers and food and wine gourmets who, thanks to active collaboration, aim at promoting and enhancing food production and good food. Not to be missed in Bianzano is a visit to the companies that produce essential oils, aromatic herbs, fruit, vegetables, jams and preserves. Along the Valle Rossa road, you will find a selection of delicious local cheeses, typical products of the district, and other dairy products.  Enjoy a well-deserved tasting!

Now from Ranzanico you could proceed along the path marked by the number 602, called the Via dei Carpini, which will take you, in about 30 minutes, to Bianzano to complete your visit of the area. Or, if you wish, you can return the audio guide to the Ranzanico info point and, using your own means of transport, reach the other info point in Bianzano, located in the centre of the town square.


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