The ancient parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, consecrated in 1476, had already been in existence for at least a century, albeit of smaller dimensions; the church of Santa Maria Assunta was consecrated shortly after the parish of Ranzanico separated from the parish church of San Lorenzo in Mologno.

Inside the church, valuable paintings can be admired – the works of Palma il Giovane, Saverio della Rosa, Antonio Cifrondi and Antonio Maroni. The high altar and the church furnishings can be traced back to the Fantoni school, which also created the high altar and the splendid confessional of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo. A remarkable 18th-century wooden crucifix can also be seen.

Leaving the church, a panoramic view of the lake and fascinating naturalistic landscapes can be enjoyed. Along the way, the visitor can observe what is considered the oldest part of Ranzanico, which retains all its charm. These streets convey all the magic of past centuries and are full of symbols carved onto the walls and gate stones, testifying to a time when noble and rural settlements coexisted.


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