The church of Santa Maria dates back to the 13th century and is located near the cemetery area, surrounded by greenery with a beautiful view over lake Endine. In many ways, the ancient church has links with the castle, both as regards its location and for the year 1234, when it was built. The present shapes of the building are typical of the 18th century, during which it was restored.

Inside the building are a terracotta floor and some sections of the original walls; a slab that covered a burial place bears an inscription with the indication “Bienciano”, related to the ancient name of the town, later replaced by Bianzano. Also inside the sanctuary is a large wooden statue of the deposed Christ known as the “Signorù” and an altar with a splendid wooden ciborium by Andrea Fantoni, made in the 18th century. Outside, a number of gravestones surround this church, among which a very rare one of circular shape. These point to a change in function of the building, originally a parish church and then turned into a burial ground after the construction of the nearby Church of San Rocco, close to the Bianzano town centre.

From the Sanctuary, if you have time, or during your next visit, we recommend a walk along the marked and easily-passable paths which link Bianzano with the neighbouring municipalities. For example, the Donkey Road and the Via Ludù which lead to Spinone, for a visit to the splendid Romanesque church of San Pietro. Now, let us return to visit the old-town centre of Bianzano, after setting the audio guide in pause mode.


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